You’ve probably seen it pop up everywhere – coaching. It seems that everybody is a coach of one thing or another. It used to be that the only coaches, were the dreaded beachbody coaches! Now? Everyone has their gig. But what is coaching exactly? Do you need to be coached? Can you become a coach?

What is coaching?

Coaching has become a way for people to profit off their experiences and expertise. It’s pretty ingenious really. Especially in the world we live in. Access to each other has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Think of something you have really invested your time, passion, and resources in. You know quite a lot about it. Maybe you used to work with animals so you’re pretty good at potty training a puppy. Perhaps you have 12 kids so, you’re pretty good at potty training a toddler too! Or maybe, you’ve figured out how to create a profitable blog.

That’s what you can coach other people about. It’s called coaching but really, it’s just coming along side someone – having a conversation and sharing the knowledge that you have. The best part?

Can I be a coach?

Your experiences and expertise are valuable. You have worth and your knowledge? People need that. So, why not make a few bucks for the time you’re going to invest into someone? The time you’re pouring into them, is time you’re spending away from your family, your self, or something “else” you could be doing.

You have something to offer. It’s a gift to have these things to pour into other people! You want your passion to become a career? Well, why not start with a small step of coaching and see how it works out?

How do I become a coach?

If you wanna chat more or begin to explore what coaching is and how you can do it yourself, I’d love to coach YOU! Schedule a one on one coaching call below!

I offer coaching in many varieties including:

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