Mary, Martha, & Myrtle

If you don't know the story of Mary and Martha, I'll fill you in but I encourage you to read it for yourself in Matthew 26:6-13, Mark 14:3-9, Luke 10:38-42, or John 11:17-45; 12:1-11. Mary and Martha are sisters who showed hospitality to Jesus and his disciples. Mary was a go with the flow, easy-going,… Continue reading Mary, Martha, & Myrtle


Oh be careful little mouth what you say…

He proclaimed the joy that would flood Heaven over one person. The person, like you and me, who needs a savior. The person who has stumbled, fallen, rejected, manipulated, and seemed to be so far away - we'd never be accepted.

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New Year – New You!

Take a scroll through social media and the excitement is pumping about how great the new year is going to be. People are resolving to take their health, families, and other every day activities to the next level. It's a new year, it's OUR year. The fitness industry is booming, churches are packed, and families… Continue reading New Year – New You!