Listen…I know how hard it is to find a routine that works for you. I get it. I’m with my kids 24/7/365 because the whole homeschooling thing. I know how hard it is to be able to afford a gym membership or to motivate yourself to do the free youtube work outs.

But here’s some more truth…your health matters. In every aspect. It starts in your mind. It starts with personal development and then? Then, you’ll be ready to tackle the physical health which is what you’ll find here.

I’m just going to lay this out here for you as a resource because I think it’s amazing. I’m not going to try to sell it to you or be like “hey girl, have you ever heard of beachbody?” because…you know you have.

If you’ve ever wanted to check it out, with no pressure or just on your own accord…here it is.

I’m not an active coach, I literally just have it so I can share it with you. The Beachbody On Demand is a pretty incredible resource. You get tons of at home work outs that they are always adding to. Plus? They have a cooking show with all the recipes to help you with meal planning because…life.

Check out the link, sign up for Beachbody on Demand at the bottom or click here – it’s free for 2 weeks. Lots of payment options like 3 months for $40…yup!

Grab some energize and recover so you don’t die while you’re getting back into it because girl you know that’s real.

You can message me with any questions but like I said, I’m only a “coach” so I can share it with you so don’t worry about me inviting you to groups or anything like that because I don’t do that.

I just provide the resource..and I only do it here.

Of course if you wanna chat or need some accountability or anything like that, well hey I’m already working on it so hit me up!