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To the Failing Homeschool Mama

To the homeschooling mama who feels like she’s failing. This is for you.
I’m going to help you stop being so overwhelmed by homeschooling. Starting now.

Maybe you decided to homeschool for whatever reason. You were in a position where you COULD keep your kids home with you, the school seemed to be failing, your child wasn’t thriving..whatever the reason – you decided to give it a go.

You probably started off pretty strong, right? Like, you knew what was up! You FINALLY figured out which curriculum to use, you got all the charts, supplies, even the dreaded crafts for art. You found the online programs to help them learn how to speak Mandarin, to teach typing, and how to play the cello.

It’s ok, I’ve got you. I’m going to help you stop being so overwhelmed by homeschooling below!

Your schedule was rock solid. You had it down to the minute, which activity you were going to be doing – how long – when you were going to take breaks. You are a rockstar!

But then? You got sick, had dentist appointments, went on vacation. Your babe needed some extra time with learning why the ocean is salty but the river isn’t. Fractions took a bit longer, and apparently Mandarin is a little harder than anticipated – weird.

Things begin to slow down. Which is cool because you only do school Monday through Thursdays, we can do some on Fridays until we catch back up! But then, it’s Friday and you don’t DO school on Fridays! Ok, we’ll just work through it and go a little longer.

Before you know it…everything is mass chaos! Your schedule is ruined. Your kids are beginning to grumble and you are too. You’re not going to make it through your second math book before summer begins, you begin to fail.

Here’s the thing. If you feel like you’re beginning to fail or you’re past the “beginning” to fail and you’re in full fledged going up in flames…you probably are. I know, you’re welcome.

But let’s dig a little deeper shall we? Who are you failing here? Your kids? Yourself? Society??

One of the most important things to remember, mama, is the freedom that’s involved with homeschooling. You need to release the “school” mindset because that wasn’t working for you in the first place or you wouldn’t have pulled your kid out right?

So readjust a bit.

Remember when you were trying to potty train your babe. Maybe your kid was super easy and got it right away but maybe you had a kid who just couldn’t grasp it when you thought they should. You seriously considered the possibility that your sweet angel was going to go to kindergarten in diapers. My guess? You figured it out and so did they.

Let’s do one more for grins and giggles, eh? Maybe you have more than one babe. One is probably super easy. Listens right away, does things without complaining, is a people pleaser beyond your dreams. The other one? Whoo child! Defiant, strong willed, is going to rule the world one day but right now?

You get to figure out how they work. You had to (or are currently!) figure out how to reach them deep down in their souls and find what makes them weak in the knees because you know you can’t just give them the “mom look”. They will stare you down and make YOU feel uneasy, amen?

Eventually, you figure it out. You find the sweet spot.

The point? You found your groove. You figured it out. When you were sure they were going to defeat you – you persevere. Because it’s YOUR life, these are YOUR kids.

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So what if your third grader is still doing “first grade” work. Who cares if your six year old can’t read yet? Does it really matter that much? Freedom mom…

Here’s what you get to teach them – your family values. How YOUR family responds to curveballs – to change. You get to teach them that their attitude matters. That it’s ok if it takes a little longer than it does for their brother because that’s who God made them to be.

They’re different. They take different routes. It doesn’t make them wrong. It doesn’t mean they’re failing or that you’re failing. What does it mean? It means it’s time to take the pressure off and ENJOY it.

Annie F Downs always says to “chase the fun”. I think that applies to so much. If you aren’t enjoying homeschooling and you just can’t get it through your mind that it’s ok to be “behind” or have an “off” semester or heck year…then maybe it’s not for you. And guess what?

THAT’S OK TOO! We’re all wired differently. We all have our limits and certains ways we tick. School is important. Period. Homeschool, public school, unschooling – it’s important. Did you try and failed? Well, at least you know it’s not your jam.

There is no shame in homeschooling. There is no shame in sending your kids to public school, or private, or charter, or WHATEVER. At the end of the day, they’re your kids. It’s your life.

You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to survive and keep your sanity…and that’s totally fine.

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