Run the Race

“Jesus was there when the race began and
He’ll be awaiting us at the finish line.”
– Karen Ehman

On my First 5 app – I’m currently doing a plan called What Matters Most. It goes through the book of Philippians and it’s incredible… .

Today Karen Ehman discusses Paul’s charge to keep running forward and not glancing behind. .

She explains that we shouldn’t just forget the past but we must calculate and purposefully neglect it. “This intentional abandonment includes forgetting things, times, and places.” .

Once we forget and abandon our past – only THEN are we free to move forward fully unhindered and with clarity. .

Our past may have included hurt, failure, disappointment that other people may not be able to relate to at all. People may try to empathize with you but your story? It’s heavy. .

Maybe you’re crippled by your past and think that you won’t ever be able to move on. You feel like you’ll never get over it, you’ll never be free, you’ll never succeed. .

Maybe nobody CAN understand your particular hurts but Jesus can. .

The ONLY way to find freedom and healing from your rock bottom prison? Surrendering.

Realizing that we can’t do it on our own.
Realizing that there’s no where else to go but up. .

Are you free?

Are you ready to intentionally forget and abandon the negativity that’s haunted you for so long? .

Jesus is the answer. .

I can help you find Him.

Don’t give up.

Don’t be trapped by your past anymore. .

You were made for more. . . . . .

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