Do You Know God?

You probably have some idea of God. You may believe in a higher being – a creator. Whatever you want to call “it” – “it” is God.
Maybe you’re here, reading this right now, because you’re at rock bottom. There is no where else to go, there is nobody else to turn to, the light at the end of the tunnel is gone. You’re desperate. What other choice do you have? Everything else has failed so, hey – why not check out who this God is…

Let me tell you – there’s a lot to say. There’s a lot to understand. There’s a lot to tackle and grapple with but don’t start there.

Don’t start with the things that you (nor anyone else) will never understand. Don’t get all scientific and theological here. There is one thing you need to know – right now – today.

God – whether you believe in Him or not – loves YOU. God is always guiding you and reaching out for you to see Him. He’s not throwing shade your way – He’s shining light on your path. Do you see it?

Did you have an amazing parent growing up? Do you have an amazing person that you know without a doubt, they love you. They would do anything for you. They would move mountains to care for you and make sure you’re ok.

Do you currently have a child or a beloved pet in your life? Think of the love you have for them. Think of the mama bear that emerges when someone messes with them. The love and protection that you have over them?

Those are merely snippets of the way God feels about YOU.
No matter what you do, how bad you mess up, how far you are…God will NEVER leave you.

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