Mary, Martha, & Myrtle

If you don’t know the story of Mary and Martha, I’ll fill you in but I encourage you to read it for yourself in Matthew 26:6-13, Mark 14:3-9, Luke 10:38-42, or John 11:17-45; 12:1-11.

Mary and Martha are sisters who showed hospitality to Jesus and his disciples. Mary was a go with the flow, easy-going, hostess who liked to chat and visit with her guests (Jesus!!). She liked to be a responder.

Martha on the other hand was a busy body. She was busy ensuring the food was coming along ok, the house was presentable, and all the other things were tidy, neat and in order.

They were opposites – much like siblings are. They both had a lot to learn and if they could swallow their pride, they’d realize that each held admirable and respectable qualities that they could each benefit from. They could learn from each other. Who wants to admit that they need to grow though? Who wants to admit that they could learn something from their sibling? Exactly…


Mary (our go with the flow) needed to learn that action is often appropriate and necessary. Chatting, listening, learning are all necessary parts of growth. At some point however, we have to put legs to our knowledge and DO something with it. What good is it to have all the knowledge in the world, if we aren’t going to put it to some use?

Martha (our busy body) needed to slow it down girl. She needed to learn that the busyness was not only stealing her joy, but she was in fact, missing the Son of God…in her very living room! Jesus Christ, literally, God in human form was sitting in her house and she was busy sweeping and basting the turkey. Girl, sit yo butt down!


Too bad there wasn’t another sister named Myrtle who had the perfect balance. She was a hard worker, got things done, yet knew when it was time to stop and take it in. Myrtle would have saved women everywhere! She would have held the key to all women’s struggles, she would have been our saving grace! She would have had balance. She would have been the Proverbs 31 woman but we would have been able to see HOW she did it all.

Unfortunately, Myrtle doesn’t exist. There is no sister hidden away under the staircase with the secrets.


If Myrtle existed – what would we need Jesus for?

If Myrtle gave us all the answers, would we need to read our Bibles, spend quiet time with God, pray?
Perhaps that’s why Myrtle and the Proverbs 31 woman are so mysterious (or non-existent!).

We don’t have all the answers in this life. 98% of the time, we have no idea what we’re doing. We don’t know if we’re doing enough or if we’re doing too much. We can’t find the balance and often pluck out the white hairs just in time to discover 5 more.

If we had all the answers, we wouldn’t need Jesus. We wouldn’t need a Savior. We would never discover agape. Agape – the highest, truest form of love. Agape isn’t regular love like people have for each other. It’s a specific, different, higher, truer love set aside to describe God’s love for us. Regular love isn’t good enough, it’s not strong enough to describe His love. Agape is on a whole other level.

Let’s not miss this friends! Let’s not miss the importance of humility. Realizing that we don’t have it all together, we aren’t the perfect blended balanced Myrtle. We need help. We need saving, guidance, wisdom.

We need Jesus.

Jesus shows us the way. He is God. He gave us the Word, the Holy Spirit. When we accept Jesus, believe Him, confess who He is, we are saturated with Him.

He is never far from us. Jesus doesn’t leave, He doesn’t say, “Well hey, good luck!” when we’re desperately seeking answers. He doesn’t awkwardly hug us or say really inappropriate things at the wrong moments to try to comfort us.

He knows exactly what to say. He knows exactly how to speak to us and fill our hearts.

Jesus is exactly what we need!

Myrtle Smyrtle…girl ain’t got nothing on Him, go back to haunting the girl’s bathroom.



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