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New Year – New You!

Take a scroll through social media and the excitement is pumping about how great the new year is going to be. People are resolving to take their health, families, and other every day activities to the next level. It’s a new year, it’s OUR year.

The fitness industry is booming, churches are packed, and families are beaming. People just know – things are going to be different. We all know how long this goes on…

Mid February – your seat is finally available at church, cardio machines at the gym are becoming more readily available, and the grumbles of real life begins to surface on social media again.

What happened? We all get ideas in our heads, motivation pulses through our bodies but that doesn’t last. The excitement fades and life begins to fall back into our old routines. How do we make our new excitement and new routines take place of the old ones? How did we get old routines in the first place? Our old routines came about gradually, over time. We had no choice most of the time – work won’t wait, school begins promptly. So, routines formed to cater to non-negotiable things in our lives.

Accountability. That’s how we keep on when we want to quit.
Drive. It’s what pushes us when we begin to slip.
Determination. It’s stronger than our excuses.
Heart. It’s the thing that needs to be changed to make everything else fall into place.

If your heart hasn’t changed, you won’t change. What is January 1, 2017? It’s another day. What makes it special? Absolutely nothing. January 1, 2017 is no different from August 8, 2016. If you felt like you needed to change – why didn’t you do it then? Why would you wait? You needed a starting date? Here’s a crazy thought…why  not do it, the next day? That’s all January 1 is – the next day. There’s nothing special about it, really.

If you wouldn’t have the heart to make a change any other day – why do we expect to do it January 1 and expect it to stick? December 31 everyone is talking about how the year didn’t go as they’d planned. Besides the obvious – it never does – why would you expect it to?

In the big gun controversy – you’ve seen the saying “Cain killed Able with a rock – guns aren’t the problem”. It’s a heart problem.

Our hearts the issue so submit it to the good Lord.
He will replace it, what do you think we call Him good for?
– Trip Lee
(Heart Problem)

  So what do we do? First and foremost – we pray. We pray to the one who gives us discipline, true happiness, and who can replace our hearts – King Jesus.

I know, Lord,
that a man’s way of life is not his own,
no one who walks determines his own steps.
– Jeremiah 10:23

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