Probably one of the most challenging things to do in this generation – keeping it simple. Every few months a newer, better version of an already newer better version of something is coming out. Cell phones, tablets, computers…

So many upgrades and new things to add! How they never run out of things is beyond me. Not only are we obsessed with the newest, more complexity of these tiny gadgets – we also become obsessed with what else we could be upgrading.

Our house is kind of old, maybe it’s time for a new one. This car is a few years old – look at the new improvements on the latest model! Even the simplest things are becoming more complicated. Like, your bed. A good ‘ol mattress won’t do anymore – oh no; now we need smart technology to tell us how we slept and how to improve.

What are things we really need anyway? Shelter, clothes, food, money (unfortunately). When you look back in Genesis – God created Adam to see over the garden and the animals. Back then, the guy didn’t even need clothes! Ugh, to live that life…I’d never do another load of laundry again…



God’s creation was simple. Not saying men are simple…but….
Life was created to be simple – to be enjoyed – to be content just to be alive.

Even after Adam and Eve were banished from the garden, God provided. Did Adam and Eve have to work a little harder? Absolutely. That’s what happens when sin enters. You have to work a little harder (or a lot) to free your heart from it. Jesus will take it but you have to give it and give it all.

I read about a lady who had collected coffee mugs. Numerous coffee mugs had made their way to their cabinets over the years. She stated her and her husband only used about seven of them. Why so many? How many did they really need? Probably only two…but, that’s what happens when we lose sight.

We over complicate things ourselves typically. Cutting back on things shouldn’t be so hard but it is. Think of your monthly expenses. How are you spending your hard-earned money? Are you buying coffee every morning instead of brewing it at home? Grabbing something to eat at lunch real quick rather than taking food from home?


What about other overwhelming bills? Electric bill through the roof because you don’t turn the air off when you’re gone? Credit cards exploding because…you have to get the newest gadget?

Do you see what’s happened? You’ve over complicated things! Remember those big ‘ol brick phones or those fancy flip phones? What happened to those? When did we decide we needed to stop using them for making phone calls? Why do we need computers when it’s all in our hand?

Let’s scale back. Let’s think about what we want and what we need.  

There’s a difference. Let’s take a step this week to practice with only our needs this week. Let’s disconnect with technology and reconnect with each other. Let’s have friends come over for dinner, let’s go to the park and have a picnic….let’s use our phones to make phone calls then put them down. Let’s realize the simplicity of our lives is only as complicated and busy as we make it. Let’s stop.

Look at the birds of the air: They do not sow or reap or gather into barns — and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?
Matthew 6:26

  Let’s put away all but our seven coffee mugs and relish on them. Embrace the life you’ve been blessed with. Embrace your children and see them. Play with them, you’ll figure out how simple life can be yet how fascinating and enjoyable it’s meant to be.

Cover Photo courtesy of http://natasha555.deviantart.com/art/Birds-Flying-In-The-Sky-206328249

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