Fear the Lord

  “How happy is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways! You will surely eat what your hands have worked for. You will be happy and it will go well for you.”  Psalm 128:1-2

When I look at fellow believers, I often wonder – what happened? Why did we become so complacent with the world? In case you aren’t exactly sure what it means to be complacent, here’s what dictionary.com says:

“pleased, especially with oneself or one’s merits, advantages, situation,etc., often without awareness of some potential danger or defect; self-satisfied”

Some synonyms – smug, unbothered, untroubled.

  It seems that we no longer fear the Lord. We believe His Word, we believe what we learn at church, we believe in Him. We also believe we need oxygen to survive, food to sustain us, and clothes to protect us. Most of us don’t worry about oxygen, food, and clothes. We’re not bothered by them because they’re things we’re always going to have. Look in our pantries and closets. We will live.

  Is it ok to be complacent about oxygen, food, clothes? Maybe. Unless something tragic happens, chances are we have family or friends who will always keep us afloat. Maybe we take these things for granted though. One thing is certain – we don’t fear those things. Fear in terms of having great respect.

  Here’s what we can’t live without – God. Sure we can live day to day, go through the motions and routines of our lives but after this life? Without God – there is nothing but separation and a place full of weeping and gnashing of teeth. Here’s what we can’t afford NOT to do – fear Him.

  Fearing God doesn’t mean we’re scared of Him. It doesn’t mean He’s a big bully and we run home after school hoping to get there before He sees us.


  What does it mean to fear God? Remember when you bombed a test, bullied someone, said hurtful things on purpose and got caught? Remember how disappointed you knew your parents were going to be when they found out what you did? Well aside from the natural sin and peer pressure we feel, it’s kind of like that. We know the wrath of our parents – we know the expectations, rules, standards they have raised us in and set for us. We typically have enough respect and fear of them that we walk a straight line.

  Our parents are typically always in the back of our minds. They’ve guided us and set the standards. We fear them.

  What about God’s standards? Remember that little book He gave us full of His directions…you know it, the bible? It gives us clear standards and expectations to be His children. It’s not like we don’t know how to act. I just wonder why we don’t have a fear of Him like we do our parents?

Matthew 10:28 tells us

 Don’t fear those who kill the body but are not able to kill the soul;rather, fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

  We’re afraid of the reprimand from our parents – here in the south it could be a wooden spoon from the front seat of the car. Reprimand from God? That’s something I pray nobody has to experience. Let’s fear those.

   What happens when we fear God and live in His standards? Let’s reiterate the first verse here:

“How happy is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways! You will surely eat what your hands have worked for. You will be happy and it will go well for you.”  Psalm 128:1-2

  Happiness! Happiness because we’re pleasing our Heavenly Father. We’re reaping what we sow – our reward will outweigh any out of place, selfish, peer pressure we’ll ever face. That happiness and reward of eternal life is our hope.

  It’s not that we’re afraid of Him, it’s disappointing Him and His wrath that we should fear. If you aren’t exactly sure what that means….open your bible today.

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