An Unresponsive Generation

What are you doing right now? Waiting for your coffee to brew? Taking a bath before your 2 year old storms in ripping his clothes off to join you? Sitting in the car line?

Maybe you’re having a rough day, you’re late – car won’t start, you need gas, you spilled breakfast (who are we kidding, your coffee) down your shirt on your way to your interview?

Let me ask you this – not to scare you or condemn you but to just think about this – have you ever heard about the bible? Probably yes, in one way or another – you’ve HEARD about the bible. I’m hoping that if you’re a believer, you’ve read it today (and every day). If you aren’t a believer – this is for you too.

The bible is God’s Word. Period. If you believe in God then you believe that the bible is His Word – His instructions for this crazy life we live. It’s not intended to be read, skimmed over, or a good thought. It’s intended to be applied. Remember the guy in there; pretty important fella named…Jesus? While He was on earth He gave some pretty clear cut instructions for believers – us. The instructions He gave weren’t for us to think about how can we fit those into our lives yet how can we make our lives fit those instructions. Get it?

Overall, you live a pretty comfortable life. If you’re reading this; chances are you have a cell phone, tablet, or computer. You’re either at home, in your car, or at work. Your clothes are clean and you have had or will have something to eat. Break that down: you have clothes, food, a house, a job, transportation – technology. Pretty comfy. We’re not talking about stress like bills, work, grocery shopping; we’re talking about having the opportunity and ability do to those things.

We’re comfortable and content in our bubbles of life. We go throughout the day just going through the motions, doing our routine – living the American dream! Shoot, you may even go to church on Sunday. So what?

What do you do when you leave that building? Think, wow that was a great service – where do you want to go for lunch? You read your bible and pray – check and check – moving on!

I wonder when God’s instructions and commandments became ideas. Do we think of God and the bible as just ideas or do we believe with every ounce of our being that He is real? I’m hoping it’s the latter. If that’s so, why don’t we take the bible more literal?

In Matthew 11 – Jesus denounces Chorazin and Bethsaida telling them that Tyre, Sidon, and Sodom will have a more tolerable judgement day than they. Jesus says “We played the flute for you, but you didn’t dance; we sang a lament, but you didn’t mourn!” (v. 17) Meaning…? They heard Jesus, they saw His miracles, the prophecy was being fulfilled right before their eyes yet they didn’t believe. They were unresponsive.

You’ve heard and read the great commission Matthew 28:19-20 “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Those were His last words before ascending into Heaven.

How many people will you talk to today? Any? How many people will you tell about Jesus? If your friends are only made up of believers – how will unbelievers be saved? Better yet, do your friends even KNOW that you believe in God?

Having a relationship with God IS the only way to eternal life but we often overlook what that means. “Not everyone who says to Me ‘Lord, Lord!’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of My Father in heaven.” (Matthew 7:21)

Why do we take that SO lightly? When I think about the disciples – I think about the description of Paul I heard in college. He was a tall man who had been stoned who knows how many times. When they stoned people – they dug a hole deep enough for the person to fit in and began casting huge rocks at them. Not little pebbles, like big heavy small boulder sized. Chances are – he had some broken fingers, arms, collar bones even from protecting himself from them as they fell. Clearly he wasn’t stoned to death. Afterwards, his bones wouldn’t be set back in place, there weren’t any hospitals or doctors to do that so his bones set how they were. Probably had some wicked looking arms!

My point – we don’t live when or where Paul did. We aren’t going to be stoned, crucified, or burned alive for telling someone about God. What’s going to happen? We’re going to get a weird look, a  “hey that’s cool for you but not for me”, may lose a friend (but probably not now days), or something else might happen…we may get an open door. Someone may be waiting for YOU. You may be exactly the person they’ve been planted to hear.

How do you know unless you become responsive?


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  1. Jaclyn, God has definitely given you the gift of expression through writing. I am loving your blog!! It is real, raw, convicting and so encouraging. Thank you for your heart and for sharing it with your readers. Love you, my friend.

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